Wednesday, September 29, 2004

So Much for Entering the Blog Meta-Sphere...

During the God and Country Rally! trek we only managed to squeeze in two Internet sessions, so the whole instant update thing went quickly out the fucking window... You'd think we'd be 100% wireless by now, what with the ubiquity of cell towers, competing providers undercutting each other's plans, and various municipalities entering the fray, some sort of roaming regional wi-fi infrastructure, but...

I will instead use this arena to whine!

As soon as I've bested this friggin' cold or flu or whatever the Hell it is I've been awarded, I'll take you through the tour, one interminable step at a time.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Synapse Collapse / Jeanne

Holy fuck.. I'm sick, a tropical storm is blasting through my neighborhood, and I have an insane headache... I am, as ever, blessed beyond all reckoning. Post-tour blather will commense shortly. I've just swilled a capful of NyQuil... Losing the will to fight...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A Letter to the Troops

Hey Guys,

It looks doubtful if we'll have an opportunity to rehearse - as a sextet, at least - prior to our soundcheck at Northsix. Not impossible, but doubtful. Here's where our commando training kicks in. We know the weapons, and we can load them blindfolded. During our debut set we'll sweep through each rhythm carefully, remembering our Black Ops exercises on cunning and stealth. When it is necessary to interrogate a rhythm, do so with clarity and discretion. If a song should prove unruly, murder first, and pose for human pyramid photos later. Our mission? Kill the known, knife all our assumptions in the throat. Don't think TLASILA, at least in terms of the recordings. Think beyond such surface distractions, to the core of the idea of the band: that music can travel in all dimensions, in all permutations, with no genre limitations, with thematic complexity and gut-pummeling intensity, the full dynamic range of emotional responses, all within the space of a single bloody song. We're going for 1950s Hollywood historical epic with thirty-foot faces stretched across the Cinerama screen, interspersed with quick flashes and reverse process shots from Pontecorvo's Battle of Algiers and Godard's Contempt. Don't be afraid.

After our WFMU session, we're going straight to the studio in Hoboken for our "official" recording session. We'll still be wound-up from the tour, fresh from the recording with Brian. If we sleep, and wait until the 20th, we'll lose the nervous energy and momentum. After we wrap everything up in Hoboken, we're officially off the hook, honorably discharged.

This is gonna be golden, lads.



Oh Shit! I Forgot to Blog!

Where to begin? The product launch is but three days distant, and Mothra is zoomin' around my gullet. I get nervous as Hell before tours, with sleep befouled by (prosaic) anxieties and fears of failure setting my blood a-boil. The second we hit the Great White stage shag and super-flammable soundproofing, however, I am in my element. As shameful as that admission must seem from your end, it is doubly damning from mine. I love this madness...

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