Monday, May 14, 2007

DC: Lite Jazz Motel Condemned / One More to Go

(Photos uploaded May 20, 2007.)


We've just arrived from Joe's Steak and Egg, where Rat and Ben dined on Satan-knows-what, and we vegan louts went for bean patties slathered in hash browned hellishness. All delightful, as the Rock and Roll Hotel gig sapped remaining vestiges of strength and resolve... We were terribly wary of the corporate cornpone vibe of the joint, but the employees treated us well, and the set fucking ripped. No exaggeration, no perverse hubris - we have little left in us (especially after 21 performances in 18 days), so now's the time to reach deep and throw long. We only played to 30, 40 max, but the reciprocal squall line smelled of the infinite... We assayed John Cale's "Leaving It Up to You" for a second evening; the set continues to mutate, dissolve. On Saturday, we folded it into the seam of one of the two hakke pieces we wrote at S.S. Marie Antoinette in Seattle, and last night we affixed it to the conclusion of "This Home and Fear." Seven minutes later, the Rock had been killed and the Hotel closed for fumigation...

Kelli Jamison and Mark Shellhaas joined us again; they'll likely make the drive to NYC as well. Looking forward to a wild final night...

Pix follow, courtesy of Patrick and La (at least I think La took the other set; if I'm mistaken, please correct our info ASAP):


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