Sunday, May 27, 2007

TLASILA > Lawrence, KS > Replay Lounge > 28 Apr 07 > Vidcaps

In Lawrence, TLASILA was Ben, Rat, Graham, me (TS), and saxophonist Dan Kozak. Our longtime pal (and South Beach ex-pat) Lethal Lily performed burlesque vignettes throughout. The evening's video volunteer was the too-lovely-for-Kansas Lisa Roberts.

(The screengrabs below were taken from the footage she shot.)

Many thanks to everyone who attended the performance, even the drunken fratniks.

(Especially the one who quite (in)sensibly shouted "Whut th' fuck err ya'll doin'?" twenty minutes into the set. Thank you, good sir!)


(A tilted close-up of Ben's oscillator...)

(All missiles point to Graham...)

(Rat Bastard, guest Dan Kozak, and Blind Lemon Smith...)

(Kozak and TS, in shadow and glare...)

(I remember being drawn to the walls of the Replay during the set... There were maddening aggregates, threadbare signs, slathered menacingly across the backline. Posters for dreadful concerts, decals emblazoned with the logos of dire, 90s-alt labels, fliers seeking bassists "into Mr. Bungle"... A fount of inspiration, to be sure.)

(Tom serenades Suzanne as the mic cord tightens around her neck...)

(The spacecraft turn to fish; worlds endeavor to collide...)

(Mr. Kozak, and preternatural backlighting.)

(Bidding farewell to the gallery... Despite the odd cry of unknowing, the Lawrence gig proved to be our best attended. Of course, the majority of the 300-odd customers hid in the patio during our performance... Never fear - we're working on a Long Blondes/Underoath/Maroon 5/Lenny-fucking-Kravitz set for next time!)

(Lily gives one final friendly finger...)

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