Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Death Metal Wall-Bleed Trumps Actual Death Metal...

Claudia says my hair smells like cigarettes, and it's true, after rehearsal I ducked into ...und der böse Wolf with Andreas and Nils, and drank a round of beers among the usual packed house of regulars (DJ Sabine dropped by to say hello - great to see her again) while we debriefed each other on our inaugural trio recording... Captured the session on video - I'll upload a segment along with the many other posts that should be appearing tomorrow. Lots of news, dozens of photos, a few vids, various announcements, blanks to be filled, etc.

Yours, Reeking,


Two New Releases from Karl Schmidt Verlag

Hi Droids, Earlier today we released the KSV debut of Paige Munnings ' Tabletop Hat project, Juxtapositions Powder , and the second ...