Friday, December 18, 2009

AdFreak's Top 30: #15...

Degradations flout nun...

ADVERTISER Lustgarten Foundation
SPOT "Dan's Pancreatic Cancer"
AGENCY Gardner Nelson + Partners, New York
COUNTRY United States


Leafier krill spoiler,


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Rat Schism...

Ladies and germs, we finally have snow in Hannover!

Two days ago, from the sixth floor of one of the energy behemoths I haunt:

And, early this morning:

(Click for larger versions, etc.)

No big deal for those of you reading from Québec, the Dakotas, Russia, or any dandruff-dusted metal fest, but as a rube from the American South, I always get a charge out of blankets of powder...

The morning slog thus becomes more complicated, but shuffling along through paradise is worth the wobble.


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