Sunday, August 15, 2010

The 2000th Post...

Hello All,

Not that I've been counting, but this seems to be some sort of landmark: the 2000th post. I began the blog shakily (publishing far too few entries) in late 2004, and didn't really get serious until mid-2005. Since then, however, TLASILA Blog has been a continuous fixture on the outer fringes, not satisfying any particular traditional niche, but endeavoring rather to provide a smudged window into the processes that have shaped (and continue to chip away at) this glowering, two-decade-old monolith. (In other words, it's always been about ideas.)

A small reward for your interest and patience:

KSV 101 Re TLASILA Blog - Damnable Iteration

Recorded, edited, and mixed by Karl. Inhalation by TS. Produced by KSV for you, the faithful...

01 Damnable Iteration (64:00)

Free download, unlimited mp3 edition.

(112.8 MB, ripped @ 320 kbps.)



Love, respect, always forward,


Brothel Fibrin...

Thomas Fehlmann and Gudrun Gut on the Birth of Berlin Techno and Life Beyond the Wall We approve. Read the piece in Sleek .