Wednesday, August 08, 2012

New from Karl Schmidt Verlag! Today! NOW!

Hello All,

Twenty-seven new albums are available. The latest books and mags will follow in a week. New editions of previously issued books are nearly completed as well. Those will also be offered soon. (Our printed works are always available. Albums, however, are allowed to disappear.) Give us a few weeks to ship everything to everyone, as we have a lot of work ahead of us. Remember that we abjure inventory. The fifth KSV purveys is strictly made-to-order.

Many of the new albums will arrive at your nursery swaddled in wraparound A3 posters. We even have new stickers to gratuitously affix to random plastic sleeves. Displeasure is our aim, but we fail miserably in its execution.

Pricing: single albums are €9 in the Eurozone, €12 elsewhere. Double-disc sets are €13 in the EU, €16 elsewhere. We pay the postage. PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Listening to Can's Soundtracks alb. Life is good.

KSV 224 Disgusting Chemists - Jackpot Marmot

KSV 225 Reabsorb - Anvils, Bikers

KSV 226 Dynastic Harrow - Amid Follicle

KSV 227 Lutheran - Beloved Mouton

KSV 230 Academia Riding Rust - Unlaced Straw

KSV 232 Leakier Rivulet Unit - Airfoil Ordeal

KSV 233 An Atlas of Acupuncture - Eight Extraordinary Vessels

KSV 235 Theee Cropp - Raga Provost

KSV 236 Seabed Wren - Truckers' Moguls

KSV 237 Run Dust - Atelier Block 16

KSV 238 Tunneled Up - Punned Tulle

KSV 239 Merkwürdig Riechen - I, Career Fungoid (Pt. 1) (2xCD)

KSV 240 Recurrent Glossing - Klutz

KSV 241 Angst Snorter - Four Rooms, Seven Films (Infinite Bleed)

KSV 242 Run Dust - Scrub Keen Gloom

KSV 243 Only Squirteen - Paternosters Out!

KSV 244 Bridal Gnome - Evangelist Ovule

KSV 245 Stagestruck Morel - Rotguts, Mackerels

KSV 246 Child Abuse - Sturmglocke, 14. April

KSV 247 Factories Empty Evening - Rubberneck Contract

KSV 248 Nonskid Sores - Allies' Pyres

KSV 249 Leek Trolls Recharge - Fee Sniff Tumor

KSV 250 Merkwürdig Riechen - Forum S15, 28. April

KSV 251 Revoked Anapestics Unload - Granular Ilea

KSV 254 Sum of R - Oberdeck, 1. Juni (2xCD)

KSV 255 Major Murks - 22. Mai, Kirchengemeinde Oldenburg

KSV 257 Aaron Dilloway & Tom Smith - Impeccable Transparencies (2xCD)


More about these later! If you see anything you like, act.

Do we appreciate your very kind support? Cue Crass "Owe" sample.


Karl & Tom

Coming Later TODAY on Karl Schmidt Verlag: 27 New Releases!